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TechEd 2010

Wow, TechEd 2010 was so much fun. Plus, I got to visit New Orleans, where I’ve never been before. What a crazy town! It was so hot though, and I know Cleveland hot, so that’s hot.

I loved that pretty much everywhere there was food, there were bottles of hot sauce, usually Tabasco. I also believe every waitress there is required by law to call you “baby.”

I got a few chances to stroll around French Quarter. It’s such a unique neighborhood, aside from all the crazy drinkin’ and partyin’.

Got a lot of SWAG at the conference, especially at the partner expo. It was so fun to meet all the Microsoft folks and talk *deep* about what they’re working on. I must’ve spent about 30 minutes talking to Luke Hoban about F#, Clojure, and functional programming in general.

It was so great to attend both of Udi Dahan’s talks (between you and me, the only thing I was looking forward to): one on non-nonsense high-availability and one on CQRS. I’ve seen his CQRS talk before online, but he added so much fresh content, and really solidified a few points.

A few other talks stand out in my mind. Juval Lowy’s talks made me rethink the value of good architecture, plus his AppFabric Service Bus was so interesting and clear to follow. He’s such an effective speaker and definitely doesn’t baby the audience: “… and if you don’t know WCF, we have some crayons in the back for you.”

Saw Mark Russinovich’s “Case of the Unexplained” talk: the last one of the conference, and the auditorium was packed! It was so empowering… makes me feel like I could tackle any Windows problem.

It was so fun to dive deep into Windows Phone 7 development platform. Unlike what you may hear in the media about TechEd 2010, Windows Phone 7 was a first-class citizen there. Lots of developer and business talks about it. Also there were hands-on labs where you could learn about the basic and very advanced development topics with a guided tour. The coding4fun guys did a demo about how they built the t-shirt cannon/tank at scottgu’s behest. I was one of the lucky few on whose lap landed an awesome “i love windows phone” shirt. It was my favorite of all the SWAG.

While I’m still recovering from the trip, I’m already missing the incredible atmosphere. If you get a chance to go, don’t pass it up.