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On Business

It seems to me that business is today what it has always been: a cut-throat race to stay above water and keep making money for the sake of making more money. Even non-profit organizations have the same drive. Employees and customers shouldn’t expect the company (or any company) to be good to them any further than the agreed-upon contracts, any more that the company should expect the same from its employees or customers.

People don’t form bonds of attachment with the company, people form bonds of attachment to others working side-by-side with them. We all long for the good times to return, and wish for bad times to never be seen again.

Neither the company nor the people in charge of the company can control those outcomes for every single employee or customer. As more employees and customers the company keeps happy, as does the bottom line begin to suffer. As more focus shifts on improving the bottom line, some employees or customers are going to be unhappy.

It’s all a big equalizing act. It’s all about judging what is the right level of happiness for you to continue dealing with the company (any company). Once your threshold is reached, you can decide to part ways.